This page allows you to download manuals and technical data or software of de Wijs products. De Wijs is not responsible how the contents of these documents is applied. With doubt, please consult de Wijs. 

Product Year of design files to download
Tablet (Ipad) build-in / panel
2012 12-28-IP Ipad build-in / panel viewer
Handheld viewers    
Aluminum 41x101 mm. viewer 1994 94-06_41x101 aluminium NL
Easy viewer 1997 97-06 English
Easy viewer light attachment 2002 02-13E English
Combi viewer 1994 97-05 English
97-05 Nederlands
Combi viewer 1997 97-05 English
97-05 Nederlands
Combi viewer


00-05 English

Combi viewer 2003 03-05_English
Combi viewer light attachment 1995 95-13 English
Combi viewer light attachment 2001 01-13 English_LA
Combi viewer light attachment



Combi viewer light attachment 2005

05-13 Light attachment manual UK

05-13 Lichthuis gebruiksaanwijzing NL

05-13c_Light attachment manual modified '12 UK

View master compatible viewer 1997 and 1999 99-07 English
SLR / DSLR macro lenses    
3D Macro lens 1994 94-14 English
94-14 Nederlands
3D Macro lens


02-14 English

02-14-samenstelling gebruiker A.pdf
02-14-samenstelling gebruiker B.pdf
02-14-samenstelling gebruiker D.pdf
02-14-samenstelling gebruiker E.pdf
02-14-samenstelling gebruiker F.pdf

3D Macro lens (digital)


07-14-Macro lens 2007 user manual UK.pdf
Table top rotary slide viewers    
Table rotary viewer (wooden housing)
91-01 Schematics
Table rotary viewer (with handle) 1996 96-01 Schematics (same as model '91)
96-01 English
Table rotary viewer (motor driven)


01-01 English user manual11
01-01_Nederlands gebruiksaanw.
01-01 main PCB Schematics
01-01 Wiring diagram
01-01 Connection diagram
01-01 Build in sizes; side and rear view
01-01 Build in sizes; bottom view

Table rotary viewer (motor driven) 2004 04-01-A P Build in dimensions side view
04-01-A P Build in dimensions front panel
04-01-A-x user manual UK
04-01-A-x gebruiksaanwijzing NL
04-01-A-T Build in dimensions table version
Language panel  


02-01_Language panel schematics
02-01_Language panel wiring setup
21-slide outdoor viewer 2003 03-01-D outer dimensions
10-slide disk outdoor viewer 2005 05-02-A-D outer dimensions
05-02-A-D user manual
Panel / Build in wall viewers    
Mono Wall viewer (Straight) 2001 01-04-B English

Mono Panel / Wall viewer
15-04-Mx English
Stereo wall viewer (2 mono units) 1999 99-04-A English
Stereo wall viewer 2000 00-04-A English
Stereo wall viewer (With CCFL lamp) 2003
03-04-A-STL/CCFL English
Stereo stainless steel panel viewer 2004 04-04-Steel_panel_viewer build in sizes
Panel viewer 2005 05-04-P panel viewer dimensions
05-04-Pxx_user_manual_UK update 2008.pdf

05-04-Pxx_user_manual_UK update 2011.pdf
Panel viewer 2011 11-04-P_handleiding UK 2011.pdf

1-slide outdoor viewer

07-04-D 1-slide outdoor viewer outer dimensions

single slide outdoor viewer

2012 12-04-Dx user manual

12-04-Dx single slide outdoor viewer outer dimensions

6-slide rotary viewer 2000 00-03 English
10- slide rotary viewers    
10-slide rotary viewer 2000 00-02 English
10-slide rotary viewer 2003

03-02 Manual for hand wheel model03-02 Manual for motor advance model
03-02 Straight front view build in sizes
03-02 Left side view build in sizes
03-02 Rear view build in sizes
03-02 motor advance schematics
03-02 manual advance schematics
10-slide rotary viewer 2006 06-02-AM_Manual UK
06-02-Ax Rear view build-in dimensions
10-slide rotary viewer 2007-a 07-02-AM-a 10-slide rotary viewer manual UK
07-02-AH-a 10-slide rotary viewer manual UK
07-02-AM-a front view
07-02-Ax -abc_left side view
07-02-AM-a rear view
10-slide rotary viewer (2009 update) 2007-b 07-02-AM-b with motor front view
07-02-AH-b with hand wheel front view
07-02-AM-bc rear view
07-02-AM-b 10-slide rotary manual UK
10-slide rotary viewer (2012 update) 2007-c 07-02-AM-c 10-slide rotary manual motor UK
07-02-AH-c 10 slide rotary manual hand wheel UK

dimensions are the same as 2007-b
07-02-AM-b with motor front view
07-02-AH-b with hand wheel front view
07-02-AM-bc rear view
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