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Digital 3D viewer for watching stills or video.
Viewing is based on the side by side parallel 3D system on a single display. A beam splitter prevents cross talk between left and right image. Content for this kind of viewing is full available on the internet but a lot of consumer 3D compact (video) camera's are compatible with this format. You can decide yourself from what source you want to play; DVD-player, laptop, desktop computer. It does not matter, the viewer acts like a small monitor. It has an audio output as well and allows to adjust the image appearance.

The easy connectivity to the source makes the specifications of hardware source simple and can be controlled by, for example, a Raspberry pi. A full screen slide show of side by side oriented left and right images will do.

The viewer suites very good in museums and exhibitions. A black 30º angle wall mounting bracket is included.


  • The 3D image is presented on one single display panel of 5.6", 1280x800 pixels. For each eye 640x800 pixels.
  • The 3D content should presented side by side parallel.
  • Input through HDMI or VGA.
  • Maximum input resolution: 1920x1080 pixels (HD).
  • The viewer caries high quality coated glass lenses of 6 Dioptres (16,7 cm. focal distance) fixed focus. A small glass panel protects the lenses at the front side.
  • Inter ocular distance, centre to centre, 64 mm. Image width 120 mm.
  • The wide lens opening allows glass wearers as well to view the whole image sharp into the corners.
  • The viewer is made of black anodized aluminium.
  • The viewer measures: 15 cm. wide, 10 cm. high and 20,9 cm. length.
  • The viewer can be mounted on a tripod.

Click here for the manual and other specifications.

3D product model 

Source solution with Raspberry pi